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What is the cost to enter Olympic National Park?

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Situated near the coast of Washington State lies Olympic National Park. The cost to enter Olympic National park is:

  • Personal Car (non-commercial): $30
  • Personal RV (non-commercial): $30
  • Motorcycle (non-commercial): $25
  • Individual (Pedestrian, Biker, ect.) : $15 per

The entrance fee for Olympic National Park allows you to enter with your car, motorcycle, or RV and also lets you utilize the parks facilities such as bathroom or visit the visitor center. Your entrance fee goes towards helping the park build a budget for trail maintenance, facility maintenance, creating new park programs, and evolving park historical projects. A portion of your entrance fee goes towards helping other national parks with similar initiatives.

How long is the entrance pass valid for?

The entrance fee for all vehicles or pedestrians is valid for a full seven days. The seven days must be consecutive. This means you cannot buy a pass, leave the park for a few weeks and return, but it does mean you can enter and leave the park freely for the week you are there.

Can I buy my Olympic National park Entrance Pass Ahead of Time?

If you don’t want to pay at the entrance station or you just want to budget ahead of time, you can buy an entrance pass at You can pay for your pass online using a credit card. From there you will get a order confirmation with the entrance pass attached as a PDF. You should print out the PDF to show to the ranger at the entrance station as electronic passes are not accepted.

Can I use the entrance pass at Mount Rainier National Park too?

Unfortunately the Olympic National Park entrance pass is only valid at Olympic. You cannot transfer your pass or reuse your entrance pass, but there are other methods to save money if you are visiting both parks listed down below.

Do they take credit cards at the entrance station?

The park has multiple entrance stations to enter the park. The most popular entrance stations for the park are Elwa, Hurricane Ridge and Sol Duc in the North, Hoh Rain Forest in the west, Quinault Rain Forest and Staircase in the South, and Dosewallips and Deer Park in the east. All of these entrances accept credit cards.

Are there any discounts for the Entrance Fee?

There are actually many ways to save money on your entrance fee for Olympic National Park. The national park service offers an annual pass for all national parks for just $80. This would help you save money if you are visiting multiple parks in the same year. An alternative if you are expecting to visit Olympic National Park multiple times in the same year is their annual pass for $55. If you are a senior the National Park Service offers a life time pass for just $80 or a senior annual pass for $20 for free entries into all national Parks. For those of you in active duty for the US military you can get a free active duty national park annual pass from the entrance station by presenting your military id.

Is it ever free to enter Olympic National Park?

There are a few ways to enter Olympic National Park for free! If you are the parent of a fourth grader than you can sign up for a free annual pass that is exclusive to all fourth graders. Sign up for a free annual national park pass at All you need to do is sign up and print out the pass to present it to a park ranger at the entry stations.

An alternative to the fourth grader pass is visiting the park during a fee free day. The National Park Service has six celebratory days that waives the entrance fee for all visitors. The six free free days are Martin Luther King Jr Day (Mid-January), the first day of National Park Week(Mid-April), Celebrating the Great American Outdoors Act(Beginning of August), National Public Lands Day (end of September), and Veterans Day (Mid-November).