National Parks Tips

What airport do I fly into for Zion National Park?

zion national park canyon views If you are looking to fly into Zion National Park, the three closest major airports to the park are:

  • McCarran International Airport (LAS): 167 miles
  • Salt Lake City International Airport (SLC): 313 miles
  • Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport (PHX): 381 miles

Unfortunately, since Zion National Park is in a remote area, there are no major airports that are relatively close to the national park. Flying into a major airport and then driving into the national park is the most economical option.

How far is the drive from the closest airports to Zion National Park?

airplane parked on a airport road
Most park visitors opt to fly into Las Vegas’ McCarran International Airport and drive from there as it is the closest at 167 miles.The driving time is an estimated 2 hours and 48 minutes from the airport to the national park. If you decide to fly from Salt Lake City International Airport, the driving time is approximately 4 hours and 31 minutes. Lastly if you decide to fly into Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport, the driving time is 6 hours. As you can see the Las Vegas airport is the closest in terms of distance and time.

Which major airlines are available at the closest airport to Zion National Park?

Airlines that fly into Las Vegas include:

  • United Airlines
  • American Airlines
  • Delta Airlines
  • Alaska Airlines
  • Southwest Airlines

Personally I have found that Southwest offers the best rates when flying into McCarran International Airport (LAS). The flights are economical and usually on time.

Are the roads paved going into Zion National Park?

car driving on road in zion
Once you have your airport destination, your flights booked, and a rental car company chosen, you might be wondering about the roads going into Zion National Park. The roads heading into Zion National Park are all paved as they must accommodate for the millions of vehicles that visit the park each year. If you are just planning on hiking and going to scenic spots, then you do not need to rent an off-road vehicle or any kind of keep. The roads are well paved and you can just rent a regular compact car.

Is there a gas station near Zion National Park?

For planning your gas fill-ups there are numerous gas stations off the 15 on your way from Las Vegas into Zion National Park, so you do not have to worry about running out of fuel. Once you are ready to leave the national park and fuel up your car, there are a few gas stations close to the Zion National Park visitor center. If you drive a Tesla there are a number of Tesla Charging stations available.

Is there cell reception in Zion National Park?

Zion National Park is in a remote area of Utah, so cell reception can be very spotty. If you are in the main areas of the park such as near the visitor center or near the shuttle stations you should be able to get cell reception depending on your carrier. However once you venture deeper into the slot canyons and hike more off the trail that is likely when you will have little to no cell reception. Always carry a map and compass and let others know your adventure itinerary before you take off.


hiker standing in zion
Zion National Park is home to red and orange canyons, majestic slot canyons, emerald pools, hundreds of miles of hiking trails, and so much more. Zion National Park is an absolute gem of national park and is an absolute must visit. The flight and drive in are forgotten once you set your eyes on vermilion canyon walls that tower over you as the sunsets in the canyon. The experience and rush you feel as you tightly grasp onto the metal chains while you make your way up the world famous Angel’s Landing washes away the tiring travel on your flight. When the water first touches your feet as you venture off into the slot canyons, this park was well worth the journey to get there.