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Top 8 New York City Hiking Groups (2023)

red and orange fall colors in adironrack mountains in New York

New York City is known for its concrete jungle, fast-paced lifestyle, towering skyscrapers, and amazing culture, but hidden throughout the city and just outside the city are amazing hiking trails that will take you to lush green forests, panoramic views of local state parks, up to the edge of pristine blue lakes, and so much more. Having a wide range of hiking available to New Yorkers means there are many hiking groups and clubs for you to check out.

Below is a list of the top 8 hiking groups to check out in New York City. Each hiking group is diverse with its goals ranging from hikes for beginner hikers all the way to hiking groups that want to summit the toughest peaks. There are many groups and events for everyone. Check out these groups as a launching pad to find other hikers in your area that help you with your hiking goals!

  • NYC Chill Hiking, Camping, and Other Activities – 16,000+ members
  • Hiking & Nature Meetup – 15,500+ members
  • New York Sierra Club – 2,100+ members
  • Kew Gardens Hiking (“Home of the Happy Hikers”) – 5,540+ members
  • Appalachian Mountain Club New York-North Jersey Chapter – 1,000+ members
  • The New York Afternoon Hiking Meetup – 3,960+ members
  • Mohican Chapter of the Adirondack Mountain Club – 1,000+ members
  • Staten Island Hiking Meetup – 1,320+ members

NYC Chill Hiking, Camping, and Other Activities

Cost to Join: Free
Location: New York, NY
Link: https://www.meetup.com/NYC-Chill-Hiking-Camping-Meetup/
Description: NYC Chill Hiking, Camping, and Other Activities is for folks who love to get into nature but are daunted by 20 mile 5,000 elevation gain hikes, new to hiking and camping, and just want to enjoy the scenery rather than rush to a destination. This group is incredibly active with more than 1,000 events in the past with generally two events a week.

Hiking & Nature Meetup

Cost to Join: Free
Location: New York, NY
Link: https://www.meetup.com/New-York-City-Hiking/
Description: Hiking & Nature Meetup has activities all year round ranging from short day hikes to challenging 20 mile hikes. They have a variety of events from local hikes, camping around the Northeast, lazy summer lake-swimming, winter snowshoeing, ice climbing, and much more! This group is super active with more than 1,630 events hosted in the past with multiple events a week.

New York Sierra Club

Cost to Join: $15
Location:New York, NY
Description: The New York chapter of the Sierra Club helps protect New York’s air, water, and communities. They host hiking, camping, and clean up trips. Their atlantic chapter has over 50,000 members in the state of New York.  This group is very active with over 2,100 members and hundreds of events in the past with a few events each month.

Kew Gardens Hiking (“Home of the Happy Hikers”)

Cost to Join: Free
Location: Kew Gardens, NY
Link: https://www.meetup.com/Kew-Gardens-Hiking/
Description: Kew Gardens Hiking (“Home of the Happy Hikers”) is a hiking group that meets up every Saturday morning for friendly hikes through the trails of Forest Park in Queens. They also have hikes outside of the Forest Park area. This group has hosted over 770+ events in the past and typically have one event a week.

Appalachian Mountain Club New York-North Jersey Chapter

Cost to Join: $40
Location: New York, NY
Link: https://amc-ny.org/
Description: The Appalachian Mountain Club is dedicated to the protection, enjoyment, and understanding of the outdoors. The New York chapter has more than 150 activity leaders who organize more than 1,000 outdoor events each year which include hiking, backpacking, canoeing, kayaking, mountain climbing, and more.

The New York Afternoon Hiking Meetup

Cost to Join: Free
Location: New York, NY
Link: https://www.meetup.com/AfternoonHiking/
Description: The New York Afternoon Hiking Meetup is for civilized people who like to sleep in on the weekends and lead their active lives in the afternoon. This group has hosted over 100 events in the past with typically one hiking event each month.

Mohican Chapter of the Adirondack Mountain Club

Cost to Join: $50 for adults / $25 for Students
Location: New York, NY
Link: http://adkmohican.org/
Description: Mohican Chapter of the Adirondack Mountain Club is for those interested in hiking, paddling, cross country skiing, snow shoeing and other outdoor activities. They schedule hikes with the Westchester Trails Association (WTA) and typically have a 3 month outings schedule with many events each month.

Staten Island Hiking Meetup

Cost to Join: Free
Location: Staten Island, NY
Link: https://www.meetup.com/Staten-Island-Hiking-Meetup/
Description: Staten Island Hiking Meetup is for those that are feeling tired or stressed out and want to find some solace in nature. This is for those that enjoy nature, want to get some exercise, or want a change of scenery. This group has hosted over 570+ events in the past with multiple events each week.

Why should you join a New York City hiking group?

hikers enjoying sunset near a lake

Hiking Group

Although New York is home to millions of people it can be tough to meet and find other hikers. By joining a hiking group you will meet many other like-minded hikers who enjoy hiking in New York City and near it. Knowing other hikers from the city is fantastic as you will be able to share the great experience of the local trails and soak in the views together. You will also be able to meet other hikers at similar experience levels and others who may share similar hiking goals.

New Discoveries

With so many trails to hike both in and outside of New York City, there can be hidden gem hiking trails that you might skip over. However, by joining a local hiking group you can discover new trails and new hiking areas that could be missing from online sites or even books. Discovering new trails from organized group hikes is the easiest way to get familiar with the many hiking trails available to you.

Push Your Limits

Whether you are a new hiker or an experienced hiker, you will definitely be able to push your limits as a hiker. There will be many hikers you meet with a variety of hiking experiences that can take you on more challenging hikes and challenging adventures. With some groups focusing solely on tackling the most strenuous trails or groups that focus on out-of-town trips, you are bound to push your limits and gain new experience.

3 things to consider when joining a New York City hiking group

Solo female hiker in New York Mountains

Level of Experience

Before you join a hiking group or hiking club, the first thing you want to consider is the level of experience that they expect. Some groups are more casual and targeted towards beginning hikers, while others are more intermediate and targeted towards experienced hikers. Be sure to ask the group organizers how much experience is required. If the group is very organized they will list the details of how much experience they expect and how difficult the hike is.


If one of your goals is to build a consistent hiking habit then the first thing you want to check is how often the hiking group meets up. Check out their past events to see the cadence of their scheduled hikes. Another thing you can do is join multiple hiking groups so that if one group is taking the week off, you can join the other. There are even some groups that only host one hike every three months, but these hikes tend to be out-of-town camping trips.

Types of Trips

The next thing you should consider before joining a hiking group is what the focus of their hikes is. If you just want to get started or get back into hiking then try to find a group that focuses on more casual hiking. If you are looking to exercise and focus on stamina, then find hiking groups that do more strenuous hikes. Lastly, if you want to go on more out-of-town trips, there are definitely groups that focus on those types of adventures.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I find friends who like hiking?

The best way to find friends who like hiking in New York is to join local meetup groups and hiking organizations listed above. There you can meet many like minded individuals who enjoy going on outdoor adventures. You can find those who like to hike slow or those who prefer the adrenaline of a fast hike on the most challenging trails. There are groups for anyone and everyone!

Is New York Good for Hiking?

New York is a great area for hiking. You can explore the local trails in central park or make your way out the city to the local state parks and preserves. You will be able to hike in gorgeous forest landscapes, along jagged cliffs, and see wonderful calming lakes.

Where Can I go Hiking in NY?

While New York is known for being a hustling city there are many great hiking areas you can explore. From the beautiful Adiondack Park, Catskills Letchworth State Park, Allegany State Park, John Boyd Thacher State Park, Mohonk Preserve, or Taughannock Falls State Park. These places will take you to the highest peak in New York, along raging rivers, up to the shores of glittering crystal clear lakes and so much more.


Waterfall in New York hiking trail

Joining a New York City hiking group will expand your hiking experiences by taking you to the lush forests near the city, along river gorges, and to the top of peaks with panoramic views. These natural sights are fantastic, but are even better when shared with other hikers!

This is a curated list of 8 of the top New York City hiking groups but is only just scratching the surface. Be sure to check out and research the many other wonderful hiking groups that New York City has to offer. There will be many great groups and other fun hikers to meet on your journey!