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Top 8 Las Vegas Hiking Groups

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While Las Vegas is known for its amazing night life with clubs, casinos, and buffets in the Sin City, the real fun is located outside of the city on the trails. Las Vegas offers hikers a variety of beautiful landscapes, taking hikers through the canyons to the Calico Tanks, to the sweeping views on top of Cathedral Rock, into the gorgeous vermillion canyons of Red Rock Canyon, and so much more. Having so much natural beauty just outside of Las Vegas means there are many other people who enjoy hiking as much as you!

Here is a list of the top 8 hiking groups from Las Vegas. These groups range from the more casual hikers to the extreme that venture to the highest peaks in the area. There’s something for everyone! Use this list as a good starting point for finding other hikers in your area and a group that suits your needs!

  • VegasHikers – 24,590+ Members
  • Las Vegas Walking, Hiking & Adventurers Meetup – 5,045+ Members
  • Las Vegas Hiking for 20s and 30s – 4,750+ Members
  • Vegas Hiking Funventures – 4,740+ Members
  • Las Vegas Overweight Hikers for Health – 4,545+ Members
  • Las Vegas Mountaineers Club – 4,130+ Members
  • Walking Las Vegas – 3,785+ Members
  • Hiking Las Vegas – 2,830+ Members


Cost to Join: Free
Location: Las Vegas, NV
Link: https://www.meetup.com/VegasHikers/
Description: VegasHikers is the largest hiking group in Las Vegas with a staggering 24,500+ members. They feature hikes for all skill levels, road trips, camping, and other social events. They have had mind-blowing 11,500+ events in the past with multiple events a week with sometimes even multiple events in a day. This is definitely the most active hiking group in Las Vegas.

Las Vegas Walking, Hiking & Adventurers Meetup

Cost to Join: Free
Location: Henderson, NV
Link: https://www.meetup.com/vegasadventurers/
Description: Las Vegas Walking, Hiking & Adventurers Meetup is a group that focuses on hiking near the Las Vegas area. They have had more then 3,980 events in the past and host multiple events a week.

Las Vegas Hiking for 20s and 30s

Cost to Join: Free
Location : Las Vegas, NV
Link: https://www.meetup.com/Las-Vegas-Hiking-for-20s-and-30s/
Description: Las Vegas Hiking for 20s and 30s is for young adults between the ages of 20 to 30 to stroll through the best hiking spots and hidden gems of Clark County. They have had 400 events in the past and typically have one event a week.

Vegas Hiking Funventures

Cost to Join: Free
Location: Las Vegas, NV
Link: https://www.meetup.com/VegasHikingFunventures/
Description: Vegas Hiking Funventures is for hikers that fall somewhere in the middle of not too easy and too hard-core. They have day trips and weekend trips. They host hikes, kayaking, and even boating events. This group has hosted over 415 events in the past with at least one event a week.

Las Vegas Overweight Hikers for Health

Cost to Join: Free
Location: Las Vegas, NV
Link: https://www.meetup.com/Las-Vegas-Overweight-Hikers-for-Health/
Description: Las Vegas Overweight Hikers for Health is for those looking to try to lose weight. This group wants to help others with support, boost, and motivation to get you moving. This group has hosted over 1,800+ events with multiple events a week. They have a mix of mostly hiking and even some kayaking trips.

Las Vegas Mountaineers Club

Cost to Join: Free
Location: Las Vegas, NV
Link: https://www.meetup.com/LasVegasMountaineersClub/
Description: Las Vegas Mountaineers Club started in 1994 with a goal of educating and training each of its members by enhancing mountaineering skills and outdoor leadership abilities.They have events for rappelling, photography, mountaineering, and more. They summit 10,000+ ft peaks. This is a great group to learn advance skills having hosted more then 1,300+ events with at least one event each week.

Walking Las Vegas

Cost to Join: Free
Location: Las Vegas, NV
Link: https://www.meetup.com/Walking-Las-Vegas/
Description: Walking Las Vegas is a group for lower risk and fun hikes around the Las Vegas valley. They have hosted 320+ events in the past and typically have around two events each week.

Hiking Las Vegas

Cost to Join: Free
Location: Las Vegas, NV
Link: https://www.meetup.com/Hiking-Las-Vegas/
Description: Hiking Las Vegas is for the elite hikers who want to knock out the 52 peak challenge. The 52 peak challenge takes hikers to the top of 52 of the most beautiful peaks in the Las Vegas area. They have hosted more then 6,500+ hiking events in the past with multiple events each week. This is a great group to join if you want to focus on a specific hiking challenge.

Why should you join a Las Vegas hiking group?

hikers on a ridge


If you are looking to build or restart a hiking habit then joining a Las Vegas hiking group would be a great idea. There are many groups that host weekly events and even some that host multiple events a week. Joining a group would reduce friction in trip planning as all you need to do now is just show up. Once you make new friends and slowly build up your hiking routine, you can establish a hiking habit the more events you go to!

Analysis Paralysis

Trying to find a hiking trail in Las Vegas can sometimes be overwhelming with so many trails to choose from. Sometimes for me I take forever to decide because there are so many good options that I end up not hiking at all. By joining a hiking group you can significantly reduce indecision since these events are organized and hosted by other hikers. They pick the hike each event and all you have to do is show up.


Whether you are new to hiking or an experienced hiker, there is likely a group that will take you on completely new experiences. There are groups that focus on casual hikes and just getting outdoors and there are even groups that focus on extreme mountaineering to scale some of the most challenging peaks. Regardless of the skill level you are you will experience new and wonderful hiking experiences from one of these groups!

3 things to consider when joining a Las Vegas hiking group

hiker pointing on a mountain top


One of the most important things to consider when picking a hiking group is how often they meet up. Some groups will have multiple events a week, some just once a month, and others only once every few months. So depending on your hiking goals find out how often the group meets up so you can find a meetup cadence that suits your goals and schedule. Check out their past events to see their frequency of events and ask the organizer what their event schedule is like going forward.

Meet-up Locations

Another key consideration is where their events take place. Some groups may only have local hikes just 15 to 20 minutes outside of Las Vegas, whereas others may only do out of town weekend trips. Some groups may meet on the north side of highway 159 or the east side of highway 15 and you may be driving right into traffic for the event. Find a group that meets in a convenient location and what areas their hikes are planned for such as Red Rock Canyon or the Mountain Springs area.


Frequency and meet-up location are very important, but something else you should look into is the experience required for the group. Some groups focus on beginner hikers, others more intermediate, and some even experienced mountaineers. The great thing about this groups is you can tell what experience they need based on their event description and you can attend multiple events as a trial. Find a group that is around or a bit above your skill level so you can hike at your pace.


jeep on a mountain ridge

Joining a hiking group can take your hiking to the next level. Hiking near Las Vegas teleports hikers deep into red canyons, to the summit cathedrals with gorgeous views, into calming mountain spring forests, and even to the heights of an eagle’s nest. These wonderful sights are great, but even better when shared with other hikers.

This list of 8 hiking groups in Las Vegas is only just the beginning. There are many other hiking groups for you to explore to suit your goals, needs, and desired experience. Enjoy your meetups and hikes near Las Vegas, Nevada!