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Top 8 Dallas Hiking Groups

Dallas hiking offers a wonderful variety of outdoor escapes ranging from the beautiful Oak Cliff Nature Preserve, along the beautiful White Rock Lake trail, deep in the lush forest of Cedar Ridge, and even to the relaxing Trinity Levee Trail. With Dallas having such a large number of trails means there are also other local hikers who enjoy the great outdoors.

Local hikers from Dallas have formed numerous hiking groups for new hikers, people getting back into hiking, and experienced hikers. Here is a list of the top 8 Dallas hiking groups that focus on hiking, backpacking, camping and many other fantastic outdoor activities in Dallas and beyond.

  • North Texas Outdoors – 18,360+ Members
  • DFW Adventurers! – 5,650+ Members
  • Dallas Wildlife Hiking Group – 3,930+ Members
  • Grapevine Hiking Excursions – 3,600+ Members
  • Explorer Chicks of Dallas – 3,380+ Members
  • Wetland Center Hiking Meet Up – 2,800+ Members
  • The Dallas Backpackers and Hikers Meetup Group – 2,670+ Members
  • Women Exploring DFW – 2,270+ Members

North Texas Outdoors

Cost to Join: Free
Location: Grapevine, TX
Link: https://www.meetup.com/North-Texas-Outdoors/
Description: North Texas Outdoors is the largest group of the bunch. This group focuses on outdoor activities such as hiking, camping, backpacking, mountaineering, mountain biking, canoeing, kayaking, rock climbing, spelunking, walking, jogging, cycling, swimming, and more. This group has organized over 1390+ events with multiple events a week.

DFW Adventurers!

Cost to Join: Free
Location: Dallas, TX
Link: https://www.meetup.com/dfwadventure/
Description: DFW Adventurers seeks to offer something for everyone with activities ranging from camping, climbing, running, kayaking, backpacking and hiking including local day hikes. This group has had over 590 events in the past with typically three events a month.

Dallas Wildlife Hiking Group

Cost to Join: Free
Location: Garland, TX
Link: https://www.meetup.com/DallasWildlife/
Description: Dallas Wildlife Hiking Group is for those that love hiking and adventure by getting away from Dallas. They organize events such as hiking, camping, and backpacking. This group has hosted more than 990 events in the past with one event a month.

Grapevine Hiking Excursions

Cost to Join: Free
Location: Grapevine, TX
Link: https://www.meetup.com/Grapevine-Hiking-Excursions/
Description: Grapevine Hiking Excursions is a guided hiking group where you can hike and learn about local ecology, geology, history, and wildlife all while soaking in views of the local areas. This group has had over 110 events in the past and generally have one event a week.

Explorer Chicks of Dallas

Cost to Join: Free
Location: Dallas, TX
Link: https://www.meetup.com/Explorer-Chicks-of-Dallas/
Description: Explorer Chicks of Dallas is for chicks that enjoy the outdoors, adventures, and love to travel. Their goal is to empower women to live their best lives through kickass outdoor adventures and trips. They have organized 230+ events in the past and typically have multiple events each week.

Wetland Center Hiking Meet Up

Cost to Join: Free
Location: Dallas, TX
Link: https://www.meetup.com/jbspondtrail/
Description: Wetland Center Hiking Meet Up is hosted by the John Bunker Sands Wetland Center and takes hikers on the John Bunker Sands guided trail hike every 3rd Saturday of every month at 10:00 AM. You can learn about the natural and cultural history of the outdoor area. This group has had over 100 events in the past and host their monthly hike consistently.

The Dallas Backpackers and Hikers Meetup Group

Cost to Join: Free
Location: Addison, TX
Link: https://www.meetup.com/backpackers-125/
Description: The Dallas Backpackers and Hikers Meetup Group is for those that are interested in backpacking. You can learn about locations, equipment, recipes and more. They have hosted a staggering 988 backpacking events in the past with one event every few months.

Women Exploring DFW

Cost to Join: Free
Location: Grapevine, TX
Link: https://www.meetup.com/Women-Exploring-DFW/
Description: Women Exploring DFW is for ladies in their twenties to fifties that want to enjoy everything DFW Metroplex has to offer. Women Exploring DFW has had more than 140 events in the past and host about one event a month.

Why should you join a hiking group?

New Challenges

By joining a local Dallas hiking group you can find yourself hiking hikes you might have not normally chosen, which may naturally challenge you in new ways. These groups can host hikes that are steeper, longer, and more challenging hikes, however there will be others there to share in the experience to support and endure these trails with you. By attending these hikes you will be able to experience new fun challenges.

New Hiking Trails

Dallas offers hundreds of miles of hiking trails just outside of the city, so it can be overwhelming to decide. The local hiking groups will host hikes that are all over Dallas and beyond, so you will definitely be able to experience new trails that blogs or websites can miss. Joining these groups will definitely introduce you to a ton of new hiking trails in a much more spontaneous manner.

New Habits

If you are looking to join a group to build a new hiking habit then there is definitely a Dallas hiking group for you. There are some groups that meet multiple times a week or consistently on a weekly basis. These groups will take care of all the the logistics and planning, all you need to do is show up and hike!

3 things to consider when joining a hiking group

How Often They Meet

One of the first things you want to keep in mind when looking for a Dallas hiking group is how often they meet up. If you are looking to build a consistent hiking habit then you can look at the past events of the group to gauge how often this group plans their hikes. Some groups are designed to only meet up once a week, while others may plan out of town trips once every three months.

How many people attend?

Another thing to consider when researching Dallas hiking groups is find out how many people attend their events on average. If you are looking for a smaller group to get away from the hustle and bustle of the city, then you should find groups that are smaller. If you are looking to be more social and meet many other people, then find a group that has a larger attendance for their events.

How Much Experience Do You Need?

A key consideration when looking at local Dallas groups is how much experience they require for their hikes. If you are new to hiking then you may want to find groups that are more casual and beginner friendly. These groups will likely show you the ropes and go at a slower pace. However, if you are a more experienced hiker and want to just get out and hike, there are groups that are dedicated towards the more experienced and will dive right into the trails.


Hiking trails near Dallas take hikers along gorgeous river, up to the base of beautiful lakes, deep into the marvelous green forests, above the city skyline, and on-top of epic peaks. Share the joy and beauty of these trails by checking out one of the many great Dallas hiking groups.

While this list consists of the top 8 hiking groups in Dallas, there are many other hiking groups you should check out. We made this list as a place to start, but be sure to try out a bunch of different groups as they all will offer unique experiences and allow you to meet many other local Dallas hikers. Enjoy your time out on the local Dallas trails!