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How Much Does It Cost to Get into the Valley of Fire

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Located in Southern Nevada, Valley of Fire State Park is home to a fire wave, stunning red rock terrain, bountiful desert landscape, and so much more. I’ve been to Valley of fire to camp and hike and it was just spectacular. If you are planning your trip it one of the first things to figure out is how much does it cost to get into Valley of Fire. The cost to get into Valley of Fire is $10 per vehicle. The fee is collected either at the fee station or the self-pay stations. You can make the payment at the fee station to the park attendant to get a entrance fee receipt and a park map. If you are arriving late, an alternative to the fee station is paying at the self-pay booth.

The Valley of Fire park entrance fee allows you to enter the park, use the park facilities such as restrooms or shaded picnic areas, and check out the exhibits at the visitor center. If you are looking to use the Group Use Area, then you have to pay an additional $25 reservation fee plus the entrance fee.

While you are planning your trip, there are a few other things you should keep in mind such as the park hours, closure days, or if you can bring pets. Valley of Fire State Park is an alluring park and well worth the visit.

What are the Valley of Fire Hours?
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Valley of Fire State Park is open 365 days a year, with the exception of one day with different hours. The Valley of Fire hours are between sunrise and sunset all year long. If you are looking to go to the visitor center, the hours of the visitor center are from 8:30 am until 4:30 pm. There are 24-hour access to the campgrounds located in the park.

The fee pay stations follow the park hours of sunrise to sunset and the self payment stations operate 24 hours a day. When I visited Valley of Fire, I used the self payment station with no issues. Keep in mind that there are park attendants that drive around to check your car for the park entrance receipt so be sure to leave it on your dashboard to avoid any tickets.

Does Valley of Fire ever close?

Valley of Fire is open 365 days a year with its hours from sunrise to sunset, however on Christmas day the park hours are adjusted. The hours on Christmas day are from 8:30 am to 4:30 pm. For all other major holidays such as New Years, President’s Day, Thanksgiving, Independence Day, and Labor Day, the park is open and available for camping. Though during the holidays expect for there to be an increase in traffic, number of hikers on the trails, and full campsites. When I visited the park it was during New Year’s Eve and the campsites were completely full despite the holiday and cold weather.

Can I bring my pets into Valley of fire?

Valley of Fire is pet friendly. You can bring your pets into Valley of Fire as long as they are on a leash that is a maximum of six feet The only exception is that pets are not allowed into the park’s visitor center. You are allowed to bring your pets with you on your hikes, just keep them on their leashes.

How far is Valley of Fire from Las Vegas Strip?

Many visitors from the park head to Valley of Fire after flying into the Las Vegas airport. Valley of Fire is 52.1 miles away from the Las Vegas Strip, which is about a 52 minute drive. With the park being very close this is a great place to visit if you are also going to Las Vegas.

Valley of Fire State Park is also a fantastic place to stop if you are planning a trip to either Zion National park or Bryce Canyon as it will help you break up the long drive from Las Vegas.


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Valley of Fire State Park is well known for its crimson colored sandstone that stretches on for miles and miles. This park has hiking trails that lead to the infamous fire wave, a stone elephant, ancient hieroglyphics, and other spectacular views. The price to pay to enter Valley of Fire and see these amazing sights is just $10 per vehicle. The park hours are between sunrise and sunset, but if you arrive late in the night you can still use the self payment station. Valley of Fire State Park is a magnificent place to visit as the desert scenery and fire wave is extraordinary. Enjoy your trip!