National Parks Tips

How do I get to Acadia National Park?

acadia national park coast If you are looking to fly into Acadia National Park, the best airports to fly into logistically are:

  • Boston Logan International Airport: 274 miles (4 hours 33 minutes)
  • Manchester-Boston Regional Airport : 267 miles (4 hours 22 minutes)
  • Bangor International Airport: 46 miles ( 1 hour 4 minutes)

Acadia National Park is just off the coast of Maine and located in a remote area, so there are no direct flights into the national park. It is a journey in itself to arrive at Acadia National Park, but it is well worth your efforts. From the beautiful coastal hikes to the top of Mount Cadillac, Acadia National Park is a must visit.

How far is the drive from the closest airport to Acadia National Park

The most cost friendly and economical option is to fly into Bangor International Airport which is just 46 miles away from the national park. From there rent a car and your drive will be approximately 1 hour and 4 minutes. If the flights are too expensive then your next best option is likely trying to find flights into Boston Logan International Airport and making the 4 hour and 33 minute drive. Unfortunately there just aren’t any other options since the national park is in a secluded area.

Which major airlines are available at the closest airport to Acadia National Park?

Airlines that fly into Bangor (BGH) include:

  • American Airlines
  • Allegiant Airlines
  • Delta Airlines
  • United Airlines

airplane taking flight
For those of you looking at Southwest Airlines, unfortunately that airline does not fly into Bangor. You will have to fly into either Boston Logan or Manchester-Boston Regional Airport in order to get a Southwest Airlines flight. Flying in with Southwest Airlines will likely be the most economical option and renting a car to make the four hour drive will be the most wallet friendly.

Can I drive into Acadia National Park?

While Acadia National Park is known for its coastal landscape and islands, the main road is the Park Loop Road. This is a 27 mile road that is the main road for transportation. You will be able to explore various parts of Acadia National Park on your car, but you will need to look into ferries or other water transportation to visit the other parts of the park.

Is there a gas station near Acadia National Park?

There are various gas stations scattered throughout the national park. There is a shell gas station that is relatively close to the Hull Visitor Center. There are also gas stations on the 102 and the 3 highway between the island crossing from the main land onto the national park. If you drive a Tesla there are also five Tesla Destination Chargers scattered throughout the national park.

Is there cell reception in Acadia National Park?

cell reception bars
The cell service on Acadia National Park can be spotty at best. Areas outside of Bar Harbor will have hit or miss cell signal, so plan ahead and let others know about your outdoor plans before you leave. I recommend downloading your google or apple maps beforehand just in case you lose GPS or cell signal. The more remote areas of the national park will likely have no coverage.


Acadia National Park is home to coastal shores, rocky beaches, green woodlands, and pristine granite peaks. Here you can get down to sea level and all the way up to the highest point on the east coast on Cadillac Mountain. The journey to get to the park may seem like quite the adventure, however all of your time and effort is well worth it once you breathe the ocean air and feel the cool breeze on your coastal hike.