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Closest airport to Yellowstone

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Yellowstone National Park is located in Northwest Wyoming. Yellowstone is located in a remote area of Wyoming, so the first challenge people face is finding the closest airport to Yellowstone. The closest airport to Yellowstone is West Yellowstone Airport (WYS) which is just three miles from the park’s center. This is Yellowstone National Park’s local airport and is directly adjacent to the park. You can book a flight by calling 1-800-221-1212 or book through There are many airline transfers from Salt Lake City, Utah via Delta Airlines.

While this is the most convenient way to fly into Yellowstone, the flights are limited and the prices are significantly higher compared to flying into a major airport. I had a very difficult time finding flights from California to West Yellowstone Airport, any searches and date ranges for the park yielded no results. There are also other small regional airports that are close to Yellowstone such as Central Wyoming Regional Airport, Yellowstone Regional Airport, and Driggs-Reed Memorial Airport, however I ran into similar issues of trying to find flights. If I did find a flight it was very expensive and out of my budget. The best option for myself and most visitors that are looking for the most convenient yet affordable way is to fly into a major airport and make the drive. During my visit to Yellowstone National Park I flew into a major airport and made the drive as it was more economical.

Closest major airport to Yellowstone
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Now you might be wondering what the closest major airport to Yellowstone is. There are three common options to fly into and depending on your budget you will pay more the closer the airport is to Yellowstone. The closest major airport to Yellowstone is Jackson Hole Airport which is 137 miles away, a 2 hour a 50 minute drive. Unfortunately, since Yellowstone is located in a remote region there just aren’t that many major airports located close to the park.

If you cannot find affordable flights into Jackson Hole Airport, your next closest major airports are in Boise, Salt Lake City, and Billings. These major airports are a bit further than Jackson Hole, but if you are on a strict budget the savings to make the drive can be worth it. The distance to Yellowstone National park from these major airports is as follows:

  • Billings Logan International Airport (BIL): 172 Miles (2 Hour 46 Minute Drive)
  • Salt Lake City International Airport (SLC): 324 Miles (4 Hour 45 Minute Drive)
  • Boise Airport (BOI): 386 Miles (5 Hour 41 Minute Drive)

As you can see the closest international airport to Yelllowstone is Billings Logan International Airport which is 172 miles away or just under a three hour drive. Another great choice that many people choose is Salt Lake City International Airport which is a bit further at 324 miles away or under a 5 hour drive.

You may be wondering why I listed Boise Airport on the list since it is almost a six hour drive away, however it is actually a very popular choice as people will make a larger trip to visit Grand Teton National Park which is just south of Yellowstone and then finally make their way to Yellowstone National Park. The cheapest flights for me during my visit was Boise Airport. I first drove to Grand Teton National Park to spend a few days and I also made a pit stop at Craters of the Moon National Monument & Preserve on my way from Yellowstone back to Boise.

Closest southwest airport to Yellowstone
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If you enjoy flying on Southwest airlines due to their great prices and fantastic service, you have a few options. The closest southwest airports to Yellowstone will be Salt Lake City International Airport or Boise Airport. Salt Lake City Airport is 324 miles away and Boise Airport is 386 miles away. Both of these airports are a great choice to fly into and leave you the option to be flexible to plan your trip.

bison roaming during winter

Yellowstone National Park is home to majestic waterfalls, gorgeous painted canyons, unbelievable geysers, out of this world hot springs, humbling towering mountains, awe-inspiring wild life from Bison to Bears, and so much more nature. While figuring out which airport and which city to fly into can be a challenge at first, the stress and worries of the trip will all wash away once you first set your eyes on the astonishing landscape of the raging water falls, the aura of Old Faithful, the marvelous Grand Prismatic Hot Springs, and the wonderful herds of Bison.

If budget isn’t an issue then West Yellowstone Airport is the closest airport to the park. From there your next best options are to fly into Billings International Airport, Salt Lake City International Airport, or Boise Airport. Each airport has its pros and cons, but allows you to pick your own adventure. The challenge of the trip logistics make the park much more rewarding. Enjoy your trip to Yellowstone National Park!